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Shogakuji is a Japanese Buddhist temple of the Tendai Sect in Yokohama, Kanagawa. It was founded in 1593. The main hall of Shogakuji was built about 200 years ago.
The Tendai Sect is one of the oldest sects in Japanese Buddhism. It was founded by Dengyo Daishi Saicho about 1200 years ago. The head temple is Enryakuji on Mt.Hiei which straddles the Kyoto-Shiga prefectural border. It’s a World Cultural Heritage Site.

GRACE of Buddha of Shogakuji
There are two main images of Buddha in Shogakuji’s main hall. They are Kokuuzou Buddha and Yakushi Buddha. Kokuuzou Buddha gives us wisdom and good fortune. Yakushi Buddha keeps us healthy and safe.
These images are usually hidden behind screens, but Yakushi Buddha is displayed to the public in the spring time once every twelve years. You’ll be able to see it in the spring of 2022.
Homa prayers of Yakushi Buddha are held three times a year.
Shogakuji is called “a flower temple” or “a hydrangea temple.” The temple grounds aren’t large, but you can see many kinds of flowers and trees in Shogakuji’s garden throughout the year. →photo gallery

 Spring: cherry blossoms, bamboo shoots, peonies, etc
 Summer: hydrangeas, blue flags, Japanese irises, azaleas, waterlilies,
     rabbit-ear irises, magnolias, lilies, etc
 Autumn: Japanese maples, ginkgoes, red spider lilies, Japanese silverleaves, etc
 Winter: camellias, Japanese apricot ”Ume,” etc

Japanese gardens in temples are a sacred place because they symbolize "Gokuraku-Jyodo” which means heaven in the Buddhist scriptures. Please take a deep breath and feel calm while you are there.

We welcome you whether you are a Buddhist or not.
Though this is a small small Buddhist temple in a suburb, we hope you have a peaceful time that is different from “sightseeing sites.”

・Opening Hours :9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

・Fees :donation(There are donation boxes in front of the halls)

・Address :3-12-1, Chigasaki-higashi, Tsuzuki-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture

・Access by public transportation :
 From Yokohama
 Get on the Yokohama Municipal Subway, Blue Line, which is bound for Azamino,
 and get off at Center Minami Station. It takes about twenty minutes from Yokohama
 Shogakuji is an eight minute walk from Center Minami Station.

 From Shibuya
 Get on the Tokyu Toyoko Line which is bound for Motomachi Chukagai and get off
 at Hiyoshi Station. Change to the Yokohama Municipal Subway, Green Line, which is
 bound for Nakayama, and get off at Center Minami Station. It takes about forty
 minutes from Shibuya Station.
 Shogakuji is an eight minute walk from Center Minami Station.

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