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Tux speaks Japanese

Here is a latest version of `ja.po' file for Tux Paint and translations for stamps package.

For unix like OS user

Place your favorite TrueType font or symbolic link as `$PREFIX/share/tuxpaint/fonts/locale/ja.ttf' to use Japanese locale.

For windows user

Do as follows to display Japanese correctly.

C:\Program Files\Tuxpaint> set OUTPUT_CHARSET=ja_JP.UTF-8
C:\Program Files\Tuxpaint> tuxpaint

( This is fixed in Ver. 0.9.11 )

Windows System font seems not good for tuxpaint. Better to copy your favorite ttf font to `C:\Program Files\TuxPaint\data\fonts\locale\ja.ttf'.

800x600 Tux Paint

(*) This part is already obsolete, because this patch is merged to original source code from Ver. 0.9.6 (2003/01/22)

Here is a patch which changes the window size of tuxpaint from 640x480 to 800x600.

screen shot

This patch is very ad-hoc, but seems to work.

Another patch add some new colors. (This is good for 800x600 window)

Additional background icons for thumbnail in `Open' dialogue is needed. Place these icons in /usr/share/tuxpaint/images/ui/

nosrc.rpm is available which includes these patch and icons.

After aplying 800x600 patch, changing the size definition in tuxpaint.c enables larger window size such as

      #define WINDOW_WIDTH 800
      #define WINDOW_HEIGHT 600
      #define HEIGHTOFFSET 96   /* Maximum value is WINDOW_HEIGHT - 480 */
                                /* recomend integral multiple of 48 */


      #define WINDOW_WIDTH 1024
      #define WINDOW_HEIGHT 768
      #define HEIGHTOFFSET 288   /* Maximum value is WINDOW_HEIGHT - 480 */
                                /* recomend integral multiple of 48 */


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