Senior Scientist
Research Group for Spin-energy Transformation Science,
Advanced Science Research Center,
Japan Atomic Energy Agency,
Tokai, Ibaraki 319-1195, JAPAN
E-mail: onishi.hiroaki [-AT-]

I am a research scientist working on condensed matter theory. I am broadly interested in:

  • strongly correlated electron systems, quantum spin systems, and cold atoms in optical lattices
  • charge-spin-orbital-phonon degrees of freedom
  • geometrical frustration
  • magnetism
  • dynamics (spectroscopy, non-equilibrium phenomena, transport)
  • computational physics

More specifically, I have studied spin-orbital ordering and its dynamics in strongly correlated electron systems with orbital degeneracy, such as transition metal oxides, rare earth compounds, and actinide compounds, and quantum spin magnetism in low dimensions. I am currently planning to examine spin and heat transport properties in quantum spin systems. I have tackled these research subjects by exploiting various numerical methods such as DMRG, time-dependent DMRG, dynamical DMRG, Lanczos diagonalization, and QMC loog algorithm.


Remarked Paper:

JPSJ Papers of Editors' Choice
"Magnetic Excitations of Spin Nematic State in Frustrated Ferromagnetic Chain"
Hiroaki Onishi, J. Phys. Soc. Jpn. 84, 083702 (2015)

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