Yoshi's Gift Foundation

On September 15, 1994, the parents of Yoshihiro Hattori won the civil case with the amount of $653,000 as the compensation for damage against Mr. Peairs who killed Yoshihiro by gun and his home owner's insurance company.
Out of $100,000 paid by the insurance company, the Hattori received about $45,000 after the lawyer's fees and expenses had been paid. The Hattoris created Yoshi's Gift from this money. The Hattoris hope that, with the help of Yoshi's Gift, many gun control groups will grow up and become stronger lobby groups against NRA. Consulting with the Haymakers, Yoshi's host family in the US, the Hattoris decided to establish the foundation. Yoshi's Gift was named by Holley Haymaker, Yoshi's host mother.

Active civilian movement needs funds to pay transportation and correspondence expenses. The Hattori thought they couldn't change the American law because they are Japanese, but could support the civilian movement both materially and morally.
Now Washington Ceasefire in Seattle are entrusted of running it with board members in both America and Japan.
In Japan, members of YOSHI Coalition and other people are helping raise fund by organizing public lectures and other events.
Two groups are awarded $3,000 each every year. The list of winner is as follows.

History of Yoshi Coalition