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WBF JAPAN need helps from volunteers who are either full or part timer. The nationality and the gender are not our concern.
People who have an interest of green energy are encouraged to contact us. At present, volunteers who have IT skills and also have working experiences for an electric power company as an engineer are short.

WBF JAPAN is an authorized NPO corporation whose primary objective is to foster the activities of the environment protection mainly with local citizens as the leading players.
We are currently calling people to participate into our activities in order to leave the beautiful earth to our children.
We need your strong helps and also we would appreciate your strong supports to our activities.

œ The membership fee is shown below as stipulated in our charter.

‘ Regular member @ @ @
Individual Entry fee \2,000 Annual fee \10,000
Group Entry fee \10,000 Annual fee one share\100,000

‘ Supporting member@ @ @ @
Individual Entry fee \1,000 Annual fee \5,000
Group Entry fee \5,000 Annual fee one share\50,000
¦The details of the money transfer for the memmbership fee pyment will be informed,
upon your request

œ Membership card will be issued and send it to you.@


œ Membership is given followings.
‘ You will receive the activity report of WBF JAPAN twice a year.
‘ You can use our office space for small exhibition or concert without charge, when the space is available.
‘ Regular members have a right to attend a general meeting of WBF JAPAN and also have the even vote to all other staffs and directors.
The agenda of the general meetig are the change of charter, the election or the dismissal of board members, the compensation, the business activity plan, the expense budget plan etc which are very important issues of the management of WBF JAPAN operation.



3-2-24, Kitajima Bldg 3F,Naka,Kunitachi-shi,Tokyo.Japan
Phone:81-42-580-4661@ FAX:81-42-571-3650@@