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On April 18th 2003, a general meeting with original members was held to prepare for the foundation of an authorized corporation of NPO.

April 18 2003 A general meeting of preparation for an authorized NPO foundation was held with 13 original members.
May 01 Submitted the application of NPO corporationto to Tokyo Metropolitan Government.
May 06 Opened the office in Kunitachi city, Tokyo.
June Developed and documented the long term plan of NPO activities.
August 07 WBF JAPAN was authorized as NPO corporation by Tokyo Metropolitan Government.
August 20 Home page of WBF JAPAN in Japanese version has been listed on YAHOO Japan.
September Hand-out of WBF JAPAN became available.
September Began the invitation of membership.
September/October Local media reported articles of the activities and objectives of WBF JAPAN.
October Plan to begin the measurement of the wind situation for coming 12 months in Asahi Village, Nagano prefecture in Japan,using 51meter height of the wind measurement pole.
October 30 The total number of registered members exceeded 50.
We highly appreciated for members newly participated into NPO WBF JAPAN. We are really looking forward to working with you.
October 31 The 51 meter height of the wind measurement pole(tall tower) was built to obtain the data of wind speed and direction in Asahi-Village, Nagano Prefecture 200km far from Tokyo. Obtaining the wind data will last 12months to October 2004 in order to determine the business suitability of the wind turbine power in that place.

November 01 Our charter stipulates three primary actitivities ie
We have provided home page in the English version
to foster the international collaboration activities.
November 14 As a couple of weeks have been passed after the built
of the window data measurement pole,
the thorough inspection of 24 steel wires supporting "Tall Tower"and other parts. The correction was made to back to the normal situation. The data collection is going well as designed.
November 22
In the 30th All Japan Intercollegiate English Oratorical Contest for the Okuma Trophy, one of our original NPO members in the person of Mr. T. Suzuki made a presentation about our NPO activitiies.
November 28 / 29 The members and their families all together 10 people visited the Asahi Village to watch the WIND MEASUREMENT POLE, staying overnight. It was really a good fun.
November 30 We participated in the second festival of Kunitachi city of citizens and NPO' gathering to exchange each opinions.
Many citizens visited our booth and expressed their opinion of the importance of the environment protection,
supporting our activitities. It was a strong encouragement for us.
December 15 The first issue of WBF Japan Report was published. (Only Japanese version is available) We plan to publish it twice a year at least mainly with our opinions in articles of the environment.
December 25 We have developed the 2004 ACTION PLAN in detail.
The primary business activities are focussed on 1) wind turbine business 2) education and enlightment
3) international and local collaboration.

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