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What will be the world in the 21st century?
"What would be newly created from the restructuring of the global future prospect such as the value, the principle, the economic structure,the political concept and the political structure, must be totally different from any prospects which anyone is expecting today." predicted by Dr,Peter Drucker.

  Since the Soviet Union (USSR) was collapsed in 1989, America as the only super power nation, have been globally expanding businesses in many overseas markets based on their own standard of the economy(disregarding others way of doing) to gain the huge profit with severe competition which is something like a game of win or lose.
 Describing the 20th century symbolically, it can be realized as the history of so many wars,massive consumption and serious environmental deterioration.
 Of course,it is a cold fact that there have been many inventions and discoveries in many fields which make our life much more convenient than before.
 However, if and when we keep on the current life style and it's value, what will be the 21st century ? Certainly, there will be no bright future for us , if and when we keep on doing the same thing as today without the revolutionary changes in our life style.
 In not so distance future, human being will fall into the very crucial situation, if we could neither transform nor change the structure and the style of human being life successfully.

 It is extremely memorable and appreciated that NPO(Nonprofit organization)made an excellent job to help people suffered from the tragedy of the horrible large earthquake in the western part of Japan(Hanshin/Awaji region) happened in 1995.
 In the modern society, many people desire to voluntarily help each other and develop the individual alliance. And they are truly looking for an opportunity to meet their desire. But, as the present society is too much vast and complicated, a chance for responsible people to participate into a group which they desire, is very limited.
 NPO can provide many citizens with opportunities to positively and directly participate into the social group activities.
 NPO is the very effective organization of social activities to represent the people opinion for them who share the common concerns and interests.

 Europe and America have more than 40 year history of NPO activities.
 The latest data reports that America has about one million NPOs which stand for around 8% out of U.S GDP and also do about 11% out of U.S total employment.
 On the other hand, Japan has only around 15,000 NPOs which represent only 0.02% out of Japanese GDP.
  It is strongly expected that NPO whose starting -point is voluntary goodwill of citizens, will take a very important role as the standard -bearer of the social structure revolution, although NPO in Japan is still in the dawn.
 NPO will carry the public benefits on their shoulder which are hard for the profit organization,the commercial enterprise and governments to be able to achieve .


The Charter of WBF JAPAN stipulates , "NPO WBF JAPAN voluntarily makes intensive efforts to contribute to the public benefits across the board working with citizens who play the leading part ,accomplishing following plans.

Restore the deteriorated environment of the earth which has been seriously destroyed during the 20th century because of the significant changes in the life style of human being and also in the industrial structure.
People live together in the sustainable world.
Encourage people for the energy saving life.
Convert from the current thermal steam power using fossil fuel, hydro electric power with huge dam and nuclear power generation to renewable energy which is called GREEN ENERGY.
Make a proposal of ideas and opinions of the social institute and the policies of the environment issues to the local and central Government in order to change today' situation.
 Based on the above charter,we have the long term plan of activities as shown below.
 Among the plan of activities,the WIND TURBINE POWER business is put on the top priority. The wind power is the representative renewable very gentle to the environment.We plan to build wind turbines somewhere in Japan and /or overseas, using the local citizen's wisdom and capital. It will be called CIVIC WINDMILL.We will be trying to build the first civic windmill in the year of 2005 which is rather the challengeable schedule We as a team are going to challenge to achieve it by 2005, because we can not afford the time to be wasted even for a second.
 Under the blue sky, the scene that the large and white rotors of a wind turbine rotating slowly, make people feel relaxed and comfortable. And also the scene that cattle eat glass, make our feeling being washed. The recent large size wind turbine has the length of rotors longer than 30meters and the height of the tower is higher than 60meters. The wind turbine with 1,000KW capacity meets the electric demands for about 600 families.
 Besides the plan of the wind turbine power, we have several plans as follows.
1) The collection of informations and the enlightment/education activities for the energy saving life style.

2) Research and study of renewables and saving energy and make a proposal of ideas and opinions of the social institute and the policies of the environment issues to the local and central Government

3) Encourage people to apply for Green Energy Certification System.

4) International collaboration with overseas NPOs to foster the usage of renewables all over the world.


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