Okie Special

1.Road Runner
 (Jr. Walker)

 (Billy Cobham)

3.You Talk Too Much
 (Joe Jones)

4.It Can't Make Any Difference To Me
 (Dave Mason)

5.Snatch It Back and Hold It
 (Chuck Willis)

6.Ain't No Good Life
 (Steve Gaines)

7.I Don't Want To Lose
 (Steve Gaines & Mark Marcano)

8.No Money Down
 (Chuck Berry)

9.She Must Have Put Her Whammy On Me
 (Freddie King)

 (Lonnie Mack)

11.Turkey in the Straw

12.Fanny Mae
 (Buster Brown)

Matered by: Rob Poretti and Bobby Croft on the Special Design Audio Cube
Art Direction: Ray "RAT" Turknett
Design: Ray Turknett and Barry Rapp
Website: www.stevegaines.com

Dedicated to Corrina Gaines Biemiller

Special Thanks: Bud and Bob Gaines, Teresa Gaines Rapp, Debbie Lindsey
and Rockin Websites, Bill Cooms and Quested Speakers