Rossigton Collins Band

Anytime, Anyplace, Anywhere
This Is The Way

Disc One: Anytime, Anyplace, Anywhere

1.Prime Time
 (Collins / Rossington / Krantz)

2.Three Times As Bad
 (Collins / Krantz)

3.Don't Misunderstand Me
 (Collins / Krantz / Harwood)
4.One Good Man
 (Collins / Rossington / Krantz)
 (Horwood / Powell / Krantz)
 (Powell / Krantz /Horwood)
7.Winners And Losers
 (Rossington / Collins)
8.Misery Loves Company
 (Rossington / Krantz)

9.Sometimes You Can Put It Out
 (Horwood / Krantz / Rossington)


Disc Two: This Is The Way

1.Gotta Get It Straight
 (Krantz / Powell / Rossington)

 (Krantz / Rossington)

3.Gonna Miss It When It's Gone
 (Collins / Krantz / Rossington)

4.Pine Box

5.Fancy Ideas
 (Harwood / Hess / Wilkeson)

6.Don't Stop Me Now
 (Krantz / Rossington)

7.Seems Like Every Day
 (Krantz / Rossington)

8.I'm Free Today

9.Next Phone Call
 (Krantz / Rossington)

10.Means Nothing To You

All totles Copyright Control except Disc 1 tracks 3, 5 & 6 and Disc 2 track 4 published by Moonpie Music Co. Ink.
P 1980 (Disc 1) / P 1981 (Disc 2) MCA Records, Ink. Original sound recording made by MCA Records are the exclusive licensees for the UK.
C 1999 BGO Records