Endangered Species

1.Down South Jukin'
 (R.Van Zant / Ed King)
 Hustlers Music, Inc. / Leeds Music BMI
 Solos : Gary & Billy
2.Heartbreak Hotel
 (M.Baren Axton / Tommy Burden / Elvis Presley)
 Tree Publishing Co. BMI
 Solos : Gary & Ed

3.Devil In The Bottle
 (G.Rossington / D.Ktantz Rossington / J.Van Zant / M.Estes)
 Sleeping Indian Music / L&K Music / I Can't Read Music ASCAP)
 Slide Solo : Gary
4.Things Goin' On
 (R.Van Zant / G.Rossington)
 Music Corporation of America, Inc. / Hustlers Music, Inc. BMI
 Solos : Gary & Ed(Slide)
5.Saturday Night Special
 (R.Van Zant / E.King)
 Hustlers Music, Inc. / Leeds Music BMI 
 Solo : Gary
 Backup Vocal : Wendall Mobley
6.Sweet Home Alabama
 (R.Van Zant / G.Rossington / E.King)
 Hustlers Music, Inc. / Leeds Music, Inc.
 / Duchess Music Corporation BMI
 Solos : Ed & Billy

7.I Ain't The One
 (R.Van Zant / G.Rossington)
 Music Corporation of America, Inc. / Hustlers Music, Inc. BMI
 Solo : Gary
8.Am I Losin'
 (R.Van Zant / G.Rossington)
 Duchess Music Corporation / Get Loose Music BMI
 Slide Solo : Ed

9.All I Have Is A Song
 (G.Rossington / J.Van Zant)
 Sleeping Indian Music / L&K Music / I Can't Read Music ASCAP
 Solo : Ed

10.Poison Whiskey
 (R.Van Zant / E.King)
 Music Corporation of America, Inc. / Hustlers Music, Inc. BMI
 Solos : Gary & Billy

11.Good Luck, Bad Luck
 (E.King / M.Estes)
 I Can't Read Music ASCAP
 Slide Guitar : Edgar

12.The Last Rebel
 (G.Rossington / J.Van Zant / R.White Jhonson / M.Lunn)
 Elk Refuge Music / L&K Music / WB Music Corp. / RWJ Music
 / Lunn Music ASCAP

13.Hillbilly Blues
 (G.Rossington / E.King / J.Van Zant / M.Estes)
 Sleeping Indian Music / I Can't Read Music / L&K Music ASCAP
 Solos : Gary & Ed(Ending)

14.Simple Man *
 (G.Rossington / R.Van Zant)
 Get Loose Music / Longitude Music, Co.
 / Music Corporation of America, Inc.
 Solos : Gary & Ed

* Bonus Track for Japanese version
The Lynyrd Skynyrd Band is:
Gary Rossigton : Griffin custom acoustic and National guitars
Ed King        : 00-18 Martin acoustic guitar and Monfeleone mandolin
Johnny Van-Zant: Lead Vocals
Leon Wilkeson  : Ovation acoustic bass
Billy Powell   : Piano
Owen Hale      : Drums and percussion
Mike Estesl    : Gibson J-200 acoustic guitar on "Am I Losin"
Dale Krantz-Rossington : Backgup Vocals
Debbie Davis   : Backgup Vocals

The LYNYRD SKYNYRD road crew consists of : Paul Abraham ; Sharon Brock ;
Brian Evars ; Ed Hopson ; Big Lou (Michael Lewis) ; Joe DeRose ; 
John Philbrick ; Mike Sparks.

Produced by Barry Beckett for Beckett Productions.
Recorded at Masterfonics Studio, Nashville, TN.
Mixed at Woodland Studio, Nashville, TN.
Production Co-ordinator : Ragena Warden.
Recording Engineered by :Csaba Petocz and Pete Green ;
assisted by Jim Main and David Hall.
Mixing Engineer : Wally Buck ; assisted by John Kliner.
Master at Masteer Mix Nashville, TN by Hank Williams.
Guitar technicians : Bud Phillips and BrianEvors.
Band Co-ordinators : Paul Abraham and Michael Lewis.

Special Thanks :
JOHNNY want to thank... Lacy & Sister Van-Zant ; Becky, Lindsay,
Kristen & Harmony Van Zant ; Donnie Van-Zant ; Daphne Kelly /
GARY AND DALE want to thank Annie & Mary Rossington ;
Berneice Rossington, /
ED wants to thank... anyone who'll leave him alone! /
LEON wants to thank... Elvis Brirron ; Mabel Wilkeson ; Rhonda Wilkeson ;
Russell O.Wilkeson ; and Steven Carlisle /
BILLY wants to thank... Ellen, for her support and undying love ; 
Layla ; Brandon ; Joel and Maggie Powell ; Charmaine and Greg Hall /
Owen wants to thank... Mama Hale ; and Rick Hall
- for giving him his start /
Mike wants to thank... Estes Family ; Yogi ; Kevin ; Steve and Doug /
OTHER THANKS GO TO... all the Program Directors and DJs who play our
songs ; the Lynyrd Skynyrd Fan Club ; Jonie Osborn ; 
Angelo & Paul of Dangerous Threads ; Maryellen Benenati ; John Blaufarb ;
Big Joe and Charlene Chesney ; Lucia Cifarelli ; Mike Deputato ;
Tommy Dewitt ; Tommy George ;  Gibson Guitars of Nashville, TN ;
Gary Gilbert ; Nick Gold and Entertainment Travel ; Guild Guitars ;
Gary Haber ; Arlene Katz ; Kathy Schmitat and all the staff at Harber
Corp. ; Mike Jordan and the Heritage / Lincorn Mercury, Stone Mtn., GA ;
Don Lester ; Bill and Rose McGathy ; John O'Driscoll ; John Pearse , and
the folks at Pearse Strings ; Residence Inn and Staff of Brentwood, TN ;
Rose Guitars of Nashville, TN ;
Gary Smalley and American Music, Jacksonville, FL ; Cindy Shockey ;
Janet Willoughby ; Claudia Wekler and Katy Sullivan ;
Bob, Hope and all the gong at Woodland Studios ; Larry Freemontle ;
Nancy Russel ; and John O'Driscoll.
Our music is always dedicated to the memory of Ronnie Van Zant, Allen Collins, Steve Gaines, Dean Kilpatrick, Cassie Gaines, Chuck Flowars. Fan Club LYNYRD SKYNYRD FAN CLUB P.O.Box 120855 Nashville, TN 37212 Attn: Janet Willoughby Hot Line: 615-356-5498
Management: Charlie Brusco, Alliance Artists Ltd., Atlanta, GA. ;
Joe Boyland, Janice Rueg, Legend Artists Management, NYC

Agency: IMC / Terry Rhodes, NYC
Art Direction: Marcia Beverly