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'NEW SPRING' by Masami Yoshimura

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From Iwamizawa City, Hokkaido, Japan

Since March 10,1997
Last updated August 18, 2002

Have you ever pressed flowers?

Pressed flowers... the words reminds me of my school excursion when I was a high school student. I was walking with my classmates. Then some petals were falling from cherry trees as if they were snowstorm. I picked up only one petal and put it in my notebook. That snowstorm deeply touched me. Whenever I opened my notebook, I remembered the impression.
The petal of cherry blossom was missing afterward but I've never forgotten the impression. So I 'd like to keep the flowers that are in my mind and those that I grew in my garden forever. That's why I made the pressed flower art works.
Here I' ll show you some pieces of my work. They are made of natural petals of flowers. Please see and I hope you'll like them.

Masami Yoshimura

So sorry I haven't updated sooner. Please enjoy my new work!

What's Pressed Flower Art?


*** The New Works ***

updated August 18, 2002

The Deep Blue Ocean


The glory of the sun

The Heat Haze

Silent Night


The Roots-Life of Plants





The Breath


The Moon Base

The Spring

The Memory of Small Roses

Got 'The Tokachi-Mainichi Newspaper Award'

The Forest of Owls

***The Recent Works ***

The Castle 1

The Castle 2

My Herb Basket

Green Trilogy

The Rose Summit contest 1998

"Rose Window"

The Rose Sumitte Contest 1997

Yono City, Saitama Prefecture

The Parallel World
The Mind Universe #2

Bouquet 3

Round Bouquet

Heart, Calmly

The Words Of Love

Shower Bouquet

Silent Night

For Her Wedding Memory
The Supreme Moment

Mary Gold


*** The Early Works ***

Art Gallery 1 - classified by flowers

Art Gallery 2 - classified by subjects

Art Gallery 3 - Rose Garden

Some small things made of flowers



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