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About Isadora Duncan
Isadora/ Isadora Duncan, the Biggest Dancer in the World 1966

Starring: Vivian Pickles (Isadora Duncan), Peter Bowles (Paris Singer), Jeanne Le Bars (Wilma), Alexei Jawdokimov (Sergei Yessenin)
Director: Ken Russell, Sewell Stokes [Script]
Format: Monochrome 64min. VHS
List Price: US$14.99-39.95
Studio: BBC
Language: English
Broadcast@Date: 22/9/1966

Program Detail
British Film Institute
If you are in a school, college or library in the UK, you may be able to watch the parts of this program.

An Isadora's friend Sewell Stokes, the author of Isadora Duncan: An Intimate Portrait, introduces and narrates the life of Isadora Duncan.
IMDB, KenRusselltelevision, The New York Times, Dance Film Association, VH1 Movies

Nostalgia Family Video, Inc, Rovert's Hard to find Videos

Cf. Ken Russell at the BBC includes Isadora Duncan, the Biggest Dancer in the World.

Isadora 1968Isadora / The Loves of Isadora 1968

Starring: Vanessa Redgrave (Isadora Duncan), James Fox, (Craig), Jason Robards (Singer), Zvonimir Crnko (Essenin), etc.
Director: Karel Reisz
Format: Color, HiFi Sound, NTSC, 153min.
Studio: Universal Studios
Video Release Date: April 18, 2000
List Price: 9.98
This story is based on My Life by Isadora Duncan and Isadora Duncan: An Intimate Portrait by her friend Sewell Stokes. / IMBD / Yahoo! Movies /Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat / Stephen Townsend

Cf. Theme Music
Movie Posters: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
The Goods of The Loves of Isadora (1968)

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Isadora Duncan: Movement From the Soul (C)Daniel Geller and Dayna GoldfineIsadora Duncan: Movement From the Soul 1988

Lori Belilove, Madeleine Lytton [Dance], Julie Harris [Narration]
Director: Dayna GoldfineDaniel Geller
Format: VHS Color, NTSC, 58min
Studio: Daniel Geller and Dayna Goldfine
Video Release Date: January 15, 1990
List Price: US$ 29.95
ASIN: 1559742879

Isadora Duncan Movement from the Soul (DVD) Format:
DVD Color, NTSC, 58min
DVD Release Date:
July 24, 2006
List Price:
US$ 29.95

A documentary film of Isadora Duncan's tumultuous life with following 12 Duncan Dances by Lori Belilove and Madeleine Lytton, etc. Water Study, Narcissus, Momente Musicale, Gypsy Mazurka, The Blue Danube Waltz, Dance of Furies, Classical Duet, The Amazons, Dance of the Blessed Spirits, Allegro Vivace, Revolutionary, Mother Direct Cinema Limited Geller/ Goldfine

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Isadora Duncan <= Click to Watch

Starring: Kres Mirsky
Format: WMV, 60min. Mid Bandwidth Low Bandwidth
Studio: MediaVision
Language: English

Program Detail
The Art of Isadora Duncan
Uploaded by IDDG (Isadora Duncan Dance Group)

Cf. Isadora Duncan Dance Group has uploaded many video clips on YouTube.
Isadora Duncan
Uploaded by ValeBjork
Isadora Duncan (1877-1927)
Uploaded by youlousycreatures
Isadora Duncan
Uploaded by alisonchi

Duncan Dance
Isadora Duncan Dance 1994 (C)Princeton Book CompaIsadora Duncan Dance: Technique and Repertory 1994

Starring: Julia Levien, Andrea Mantell-Seidel, Isadora Duncan Dance Ensemble
Format: Color, NTSC 60min.
Studio: Princeton Book Compa
Video Release Date: March 14, 1995
List Price: USD$ 49.99
<See Isadora Duncan Dance Volume 1>
Isadora Duncan Masterworks 1905-1923 2008

Starring: Isadora Duncan Dance Ensemble, Bambi Anderson
Directors: Dr. Andrea Mantell-Seidel
Format: HiFi Sound, NTSC 52 min.
Region: Region 1
Studio: Dance Books Ltd
DVD Release Date: September 1, 2008
List Price: USD$ 49.95
ASIN: 0871273136

Isadora Duncanfs works, presented by Dance Arts Foundation Inc. with the Isadora Duncan Dance Ensemble and Bambi Anderson

Complete Works:
Ave Maria, Schubert [5:24] / Harp Etude, Chopin (Opus 25, No. 1) [2:18] / Gypsy, Chopin (Op. 68, No. 2) [2:48] / Narcissus, Chopin (Op. 64, No. 2) [2:58] / Brahms Waltzes, (Op. 39): Greeting [0:47] - Gypsy [1:16] - Rosepetals [1:35] / Bacchanal, Gluck (Iphigenia) [3:32] / Furies, Gluck (Orpheus) [5:55] / Mother, Scriabin Etude (Op. 2, No. 1) [2:58] / Revolutionary, Scriabin Etude (Op. 8, No. 2) [2:03] / Impressions of Revolutionary Russia: Warshavianka, Songs from the Russian Red Army [4:08]

Isadora Duncan Dance Volume 1 2005
Format: VHS/DVD 60 min.
List Price: US$49.95
<The reproduction of Isadora Duncan Dance Technique and Repertory>

Table of Contents
Introduction / Southern Roses / Isadora's Choreographic Style (Mother/ Notcturne in E) / Training (Narcissus / Harp Etude) / History of Isadora Duncan Dance, narrated by Julia Levien (Under the Scarf) / Class Techniques as taught in the Duncan Schools from 1904 / Taking Class, with Julia Levien / Movement Techniques (Walking, Running/ Leaping, The Skip) / Dionysian Dance and the Polka / Water Study / Three Graces / Balspiel / Sister's Mazurka / Slow Mazurka /Rosepetals / Dance of the blessed Spirits / Cherubim / Bacchanale / Revolutirnary Etude / Dubinushka / Credits

An Anna and Irma Duncan's student Julia Levien teaches original Duncan Dance repertories, and the dancers of Isadora Duncan Dance Ensemble dance them. Dance Film Association DANCE Horizons for Isadora Duncan
Dance: Technique and Repertory
for Isadora Duncan Dance Volume 1

Cf. Julia Levien has published two books; Duncan Dance: A Guide for Young People Ages Six to Sixteen and "Images" drawn from the dances of Isadora Duncan, 1877-1927
Articles about Ms. Levien on NY Times (-1980/ Since 1981)
Reincarnation 2005 (C) Natasha Guruleva Reincarnation 2005 <New>

Starring: Lori Belilove and dancers of Isadora Duncan Dance Foundation
Director: Natasha Guruleva
Format: NTSC: 58 min.
Studio: Accent Works
DVD Release Date: May 7, 2007
ASIN: DVD: B000QCQ89E/ Downloading: B000RUO748/ Rental: B000RUL0UC
List Price: DVD: $14.95/ Downloading: $7.95/ Rental: $1.99
The Official site
Trailer <= Click to Watch
Synopsis: "Reincarnation" is a poetic documentary on one of the greatest American artists Isadora Duncan living through her followers at the present time. Mysteriously, after over the century passed from the time she lived, Isadora imposes her art and philosophy on contemporary artists who are compelled to keep doing her movement and preserve her choreography, though it seems to be quite outdated. One of the offspring of Isadora, one of her reincarnations is the founder and artistic director of "Isadora Duncan Dance Foundation" Lori Belilove. Through Lori's life and work, through the art of her students and company members, through the lines of a theatrical play conceived by Lori, the image and entire persona of Isadora Duncan comes alive.
Reincarnation Trailer
Uploaded by AccentWorks
Spirit Unbroken

Starring: Lori Belilove & Company
Format: VHS (NTSC/PAL) 12min.
List Price: US$20

Product detail and shopping info
Oneiro: In the Shadow of Isadora 1987

Starring: Lori Belilove
Format: VHS, 15min.
Director: Silvianna Goldsmith at Montclair State College
List Price: US$25

Dance Film Association
Product detail and shopping info
Belilovefs Isadora: A Ten-Day Summer Intensive Workshop

Starring: Julia Levien and Lori Belilove
Format: VHS/DVD 35min.
List Price: US$25

The Summer 2003's intensive workshop of Isadora Duncan Dance Foundation
Andante Con Moto, Dance of the Furies, Classical Duet, etc.

Product detail and shopping info
The Art of Isadora Duncan with Lori Belilove and Peter Kurth

Starring: Lori Belilove, Stephane Clemens and Peter Kurth
Format: VHS 22min.
List Price: US$25

The performance of Lori Belilove and The author of Isadora: A Sensational Life Peter Kurth at the Harold-Washington Library in downtown Chicago in March 2002. Lori performs Water Study, Death and The Maiden, Nocturne, Mother, Revolutionary, and Blue Danube: Peter reads passages from his book.

Product detail and shopping info
Water Study <= Click to Watch

Starring: Karin Michels
Format: mpg, 15 sec.
Performance Date: June 10, 2000
Tanagra, USA 1996

Starring: Lynn Parkerson
Director: Brenda Parkerson
Format: Color, 3min.

Dance Film Association
Footsteps of Isadora (C)Isadora's LegacyFootsteps of Isadora

: Roberta Hoffman
Director: Peter and Roberta Hoffman
Studio: Isadora's Legacy

The artistic director of Isadora's Legacy, Ms. Roberta Hoffman performs Narcissus, Gypsy, Revolutionary Dance, Mother, Bacchanale, Furies, and Rose Petals.

Cf. Isadora's Legacy has uploaded the excerpts of Duncan Dance, Revolutionary Etude, Caryatides, Gallop, Russian Gypsy, Nocturne, Sea Impressions, and Mother.
Celebrating Isadora Duncan (C) Isadora's LegacyCelebrating Isadora Duncan

: Roberta Hoffman, Reiko Morita
Director: Peter and Roberta Hoffman
Studio: Isadora's Legacy

Ms. Roberta Hoffman and Prof. Reiko Morita perform Waltz Study, Narcissus, Tanagra Figures, Lullaby, Furies, Classical Duet, Revolutionary Dance, Rose Petals, and the Graces on Sep. 5, 2000.
The Life of Isadora Duncan <=Click to Watch

Starring: Koya and Akiko Yamakawa
Format: Monochrome, WMV, 7min.
Language: Japanese
Video Release Date: 2004
Duncan Dance and the Recitation of My Life <= Click to Watch

Starring: Michiyo Sato, Akiko Yamakawa
Format: Monochrome, WMV, 32min.
Language: Japanese
Video Release Date: 2004
Isadora Duncan: Technique and Choreography 1978

Starring: Gemze de Lappe, Hortense Kooluris, Julia Levien
Director: Virginia Brooks
Format: Color, 29 min. 16mm

The dancers of Isadora Duncan Dance Ensemble perform "Three Graces," "Water Study," "Mazurka For Two," "Polonaise Militaire," "The Mother" and "The Revolutionary."
Dance Film Association Films & Video Recordings on Modern Dance National Film Preservation Foundation
The Enduring Essence: The Technique and Choreography of Isadora Duncan, Remembered and Reconstructed by Gemze de Lappe 1990

Starring: Sharon Arslanian, Gemze de Lappe
Director: Sharon Arslanian
Format: Color, 60 min.

Including "Ballspiel," "Classical Duet," "Water Study," "Blessed Spirits," "Three Graces," and "The Mother."
Dance Film Association
The Last Dancing Isadorable 1988

Starring: Maria-Theresa Duncan, Clive Thompson
Director: Kay Bardsley
Format: Color, 30 min.

The life and dance of Maria-Theresa Duncan
Dance Film Association
The Legacy of the Choreography of Isadora Duncan 1988

Starring: Hortense Kooluris, Julia Levien
Director: Penny Ward
Format: Color, 45 min.

Dance Film Association
Trailblazers of Modern Dance 1977

Starring: Vernon and Irene Castle, Loie Fuller, Annabelle Gamson, Martha Graham, Doris Humphrey, Anna Pavlova, Lynn Seymour, Ted Shawn, Ruth St. Denis, Helen Tamiris
Director: Emile Ardolino
Format: Color. 60 min.

A TV program which shows the evolution of American modern dance from 1900 to the early 1930s "Five Brahms Waltzes in the Manner of Isadora Duncan" choreographed by Ashton; "Scriabin Etudes" (Duncan), etc.
Dance Film Association Indiana University
The Spiral of Life: Dances of Isadora Duncan, taught by Maria Theresa Duncan

Format: 60 min.
List Price: $12:00

Beethoven's Seventh Symohiny

Format: 10 min
List Price: $8:00

Madame Pamela De Fina, who is a student of Maria Theresa Duncan and the author of "Maria Theresa Divine Being Guided by a Higher Order", dances Duncan Dance repertories. Madame Fina videotaped this along with Maria-Theresa Duncan.
Amy Swanson Isadora Duncan Le Regard du Cygne

Starring: Amy Swanson
Format: Color, Real Media
Marie Carstens & Dances by Isadora - 9/11/04

Starring: Marie Carstens, Catherine Gallant, Francesca Todesco, Natalia Brillante,
Format: Real Media
Isadora Duncan, Pina Bausch. Danza dell'anima, liberazione del corpo 2006

Format: 16:51min. wmv
Language: Italian

Galleria Credito Valtellinese, Milano had an exhibition of Isadora Duncan and Pina Bausch from May 17 to July 22, 2006. This is the exhibition preview: (high-speed/56k)
Invention in Dance 1959

Starring: Henry Street Playhouse Dance Company, Alwin Nikolais, Martha Meyers
Director: Greg Harney, Jac Venza
Format: Monochrome, 29 min. 16mm
List Price: $17:00

One of Time to Dance series
Dance Film Association Educational Media Collection Dance Adolescence Alvin Ailey others
Isadora and the Dancing Goddesses of NYC, 2006 Isadora Duncan Museum
Roses from the South <= Click to Watch

Starring: D-Kompani
Director: Kathleen Quinlan Zetterberg
Format: Real Player Video, 2min.

Program Detail & Peformance Info
Cf. D-Kompani is a Swedish professional dance company formed to keep a living tradition alive; the dances of Isadora Duncan. The dancers dance both contemporary dance and Duncan Dance. The company is founded by Kathleen Quinlan Zetterberg who danced in N.Y.C. with Julia Levien, Hortense Kooluris, Maria Theresa Duncan and was very close to Anna Duncan.
School of the Arts "ROSES FROM THE SOUTH "
Uploaded by paniaul
Rose Petals, Performed by Shelagh McKenna
Isadora Duncan - The Rose Petals
Performed by Triad Dance Ensemble
Uploaded by dariavision
Isadora Duncan - Maenod
Performed by Daria Miano
Uploaded by dariavision
Isadora Duncan - Greeting
Performed by Daria Miano & Kristen Borstelmann
Uploaded by dariavision
Isadora Duncan dance performance
Performed by Isadora Duncan International Institute
Uploaded by HVMediaGroup

An Oral History Video Featuring Hortense Kooluris (C) Isadora's LegacyAn Oral History Video Featuring Hortense Kooluris

Starring: Hortense Kooluris, Roberta Hoffman, Reiko Morita
Director: Peter and Roberta Hoffman
Studio: Isadora's Legacy

Cf. Ms. Hortense Kooluris (Sept. 22, 1914-Feb. 8, 2007) joined Irma Duncan's Isadora Duncan Dancers from 1930 to 1933. She studied and performed with Irma, Anna, and Maria Theresa Duncan, Sylvia Gold, Gemze De Lappe, Julie Levien, Anita Zahn, Erna Lane, etc.
Cf. About Hortense Kooluris on Google Archives, Google Book Search, Google Scholar, Hortense Kooluris's Collections at New York Public Library (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6), NY Times' articles (-1980 as Hortense Dolan, -1980 as Hortense Kooluris / Since 1981) Guest Book for Hortense Koolruris New York Times Agency South Florida Sun-Sentinel
Isadora's Legacy has uploaded the excerpt.
You may be able to find and watch other video clips about Isadora Duncan or Duncan Dance at YouTube, Yahoo, Altavista,  Google blinkx, AOL and SearchVideo.

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