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Author Title (Click to See the Detail & Reviews) Publishing Year
Duncan, Isadora
Schneider, Ilya Ilyich.
Snezhko, S.P.
Aisedora Dunkan 1994
Duncan, Isadora Der Tanz Der Zukunft (The Dance of the Future)/
The Dance

Quotations from The Dance of The Future
Duncan, Isadora Ecrits sur la Danse 1927
Duncan, Isadora El Arte De La Danza Y Otros Escritos (Fuentes De Arte) 2006
Duncan, Isadora La Danse par Isadora Duncan
La Danse
Duncan, Isadora, et al.
Schoonejans, Sonia [Ed]
La Danse de l'avenir 2002
Duncan, Isadora Le Beau Reve d' Isadora Duncan. - La Danse Russe a Paris. 1909
Duncan, Isadora Mein Leben, Meine Zeit 1981
Duncan, Isadora Memoiren 1928
Duncan, Isadora My Life/ My Life-Isadora Duncan / Isadora / Isadora Duncan / Isadora: The Autobiography of Isadora Duncan / Moia Zhizn
The Quotations from My Life
Duncan, Isadora,
Rosemont, Franklin [Ed.]
Isadora Danse La Revolution 2002
Duncan, Isadora,
Duncan, Elisabeth
Isadora Duncan et Elisabeth Duncan Ecole Pour La Danse 1928
Duncan, Isadora,
Rosemont, Franklin [Ed.]
Isadora Speaks: Uncollected Writings and Speeches of Isadora Duncan / Isadora Speaks: Writings & Speeches of Isadora Duncan 1981
Duncan, Isadora,
Cheney, Sheldon W. Cheney [Ed.]
The Art of the Dance
The Quotations from The Art of The Dance
Duncan, Isadora
Melvin Ballou Gilbert [Ed.]
The Director 1976
Duncan, Isadora,
Craig, Edward Gordon
Steegmuller, Francis [Ed.]
"Your Isadora": The Love Story of Isadora Duncan & Gordon Craig 1974

(April 28, 2008)

Author Title (Click to See the Detail & Reviews) Publishing Year
Bourdelle, Emile Antoine Bourdelle and the Dance, Isadora and Nijinsky 1969
Clara, Jose Isadora Duncan 1928
Craig, Edward Gordon Isadora Duncan Sechs Bewegungs Studien 1906
Desti, Mary Isadora Duncan's End 1929
Desti, Mary The Untold Story: The Life of Isadora Duncan, 1921-1927 1929
Dikovskaya, Lily In Isadora's Steps <New> 2008
Divoire, Fernand Exhortation a la Victoire : Choeur Tragique Pour Isadora Duncan 1916
Divoire, Fernand Isadora Duncan, Fille de Promethee 1919
Dumesnil, Maurice An Amazing Journey; Isadora Duncan in South America 1932
Duncan, Anna
Quinlan, Kathleen
Becke, Edwin Ver
Levien, Julia
Kisselgoff, Anna
Anna Duncan: I Isadoras Fotspar (Anna Duncan: In the Footsteps of Isadora) 1995
Duncan, Anna Isadora and Vanessa: Anna Duncan talks to Parker Tyler. Isadora and Lola : The Tone of the Time 1969
Duncan, Elizabeth Die Elzabeth Duncan-Schule Marienhohe/Darmstadt 1912
Duncan, Irma. Duncan Dancer /Duncan Dancer; An Autobiography / Follow me; The Autobiography of Irma Duncan (Dance Perspectives 21&22) 1965
Duncan, Irma. Isadora Duncan, Pioneer in the Art of Dance 1958
Duncan, Irma
Macdougall, Allan Ross
Isadora Duncan's Russian Days & Her Last Years in France
Isadora Duncan's Russian Days
Duncan, Irma The Technique of Isadora Duncan 1937
Farfan, Penelope Between the Acts: Performing and Writing Feminist Subjectivity in the Careers of Elizabeth Robins, Isadora Duncan and Virginia Woolf, 1891-1941 1994
Genthe, Arnold As I Remember 1936
Genthe, Arnold Isadora Duncan (Dance) 1929
Genthe, Arnold Isadora Duncan; Twenty-four Studies 1929
Genthe, Arnold The Book of the Dance 1916
Grandjouan, Jules
Rousier, Claire
Grandjouan dessine Duncan 2005
Lafitte, Jean Paul Les danses d´Isadora Duncan 1910
Lanchester, Elsa Elsa Lancherster Herself 1983
Lecomte, Valentine The Dance of Isadora Duncan; Pencil Studies from Life Made during Recitals in the Theatres of Paris from 1903 to 1927 1952
Lennartz, Ernst Duncan, She, Desmond. Beitrage zur Beurteilung und Geschichte der Nacktkultur 1908
Macdougall, Allan Ross Isadora; A Revolutionary in Art and Love 1960
Roslavleva, Natalia Petrovna Prechistenka 20: The Isadora Duncan School in Moscow (Dance Perspectives 64) 1975
Schneider, Ilya Ilyich.
David Magarshack [Translator]
Isadora Duncan: The Russian Years 1968
Segonzac, Andre Dunoyer de Dessins sur les danses d'Isadora Duncan Precedes de La Danseuse de Diane. Glose de Fernand Divoire 1910
Segonzac, Andre Dunoyer de XXX Dessins NUS - ISADORA DUNCAN - IDA RUBINSTEIN - BOXEURS 1913?
Seroff, Victor Ilvitch The Real Isadora: The Life of Isadora Duncan/A Biography of Isadora Duncan 1971
Siblik, Emanuel Isadora. Tanecni Obrozeni 1929
Stanislavsky, Konstantin My Life in Art 1924
Steichen, Edward A Life in Photography 1963
Stokes, Sewell Isadora / Isadora Duncan: An Intimate Portrait 1928
Walkowitz, Abraham Isadora Duncan in Her Dances 1945

(April 28, 2008)

Author Title (Click to See the Detail & Reviews) Publishing Year
Aguilera, Emiliano M. Isadora Duncan/ Pasion Y Tragedia de Isadora Duncan 1947
Allard, Odette Isadora la Danseuse: Aux Pieds Nus Ou la Revolution Isadorienne : d'Isadora Duncan Malkovsky 1997
Bardsley, Kay
Rowe, Particia A. [Eds.]
Stodelle, Ernestine. [Eds.]
"Isadora Duncan's First School: The First Generation Founders of the Tradition" Dance Research Collage A Variety of Subjects Embracing The Abstract and the Practical 1979
Baril, Jacques La Danse Moderne: D'Isadora Duncan A Twyla Tharp 1977
Beiswanger, Barbara Alice Page The Ideational Sources of the Modern Dance in America,: As Expressed in the Works of Two Leading Exponents, Isadora Duncan and Ruth St. Denis 1976
Blair, Fredrika Isadora: Portrait of the Artist as a Woman 1986
Bloch, Alice Isadora Duncan and Vaslav Nijinsky: Dancing on the Brink. An Examination of the Art and Lives of Isadora Duncan and Vaslav Nijinsky as a Means of Exploring Dance as Facilitator and Indicator of the Role of the Body in Cultural Transformation 1991
Bolitho, William Twelve Against the Gods: The Story of Adventure 1929
Bomann, Birgit Isadora Duncan: Och den Sevensks Barndansen 1986
Bresciani, Jean. Matsuzawa, Yoshinobu. Sato, Michiyo Isadora Duncan Modern Dance; from the Mythology to the Future 2000
Bresciani, Jeanne Myth and Image in the Dance of Isadora Duncan 2000
Broske, Janet R. Davidson, Andrew. Horn, Jennifer Van. Menefee, Ellen A. Line Dance: Abraham Walkowitz's Drawings of Isadora Duncan 2000
Castor, Laura Virginia Historical Memory, Autobiography, and Art: Redefining 'Identity' through the Writing and Theater of Isadora Duncan, Hallie Flanagan, and Lillian Hellman 1994
Chambers, Colin Here We Stand: Politics, Performers and Performance - Paul Robeson, Charlie Chaplin, Isadora Duncan 2006
Couderc, Fredeic La Derniere Danse d'Isadora 2005
Cossart, Axel von Isadora Duncan: Liebe der Tanzkunst 1986
Daly, Ann Done into Dance: Isadora Duncan in America 1995
Davies, Jessie Isadora Duncan's Russian Husband, or Child of the Terrible Years: Biography of Sergei Esenin, 1895-1925 1990
Deutsches Tanzarchiv Koln
Bottcher, Petra
Peter, Frank-Manuel
Isadora und Elizabeth Duncan in Deutschland /Isadora and Elizabeth Duncan in Germany 2000
Dickson, Kirsche Evelyn Liberty Dances: Women's Movements and the Revival of Faith in American Capitalist-Democracy (Isadora Duncan, Martha Graham, Madonna) 2003
Dillon, Millicent After Egypt: Isadora Duncan and Mary Cassatt 1990
Duncan, Doree, Pratl, Carol,
Splatt, Cynthia [Text]
Life into Art: Isadora Duncan and Her World 1993
Ferrari, Curzia La “DIVINA” Isadora Duncan 1983
Fina, Pamela De Maria Theresa: Divine Being, Guided by Higher Power 2002
Gedeon, Dienes. Gremlicova, Dorota. Lakhuti, Giv. et al. Remembering -Isadora Duncan- Emlekkonyv 2002
Godard, Jocelyne Les amours d'Isadora Duncan : Jusqu'aux vertiges 2006
Gold, Sylvia A Selection of Isadora Duncan Dances 1984
Golikova, Nonna Aisedora Dunkan-Sergei Esenin (Istoriia liubvi) 1998
Hallman, Frank Curtis An Alliance of the Arts: Isadora Duncan and Gordon Craig ?
Hansen, Martha Alice Isadora Duncan: A Literary Inquiry into the Somatic Foundations of Her Art, Life, and Ideology During the Early Years 1900 - 1914 1988
Hendricks, Donald Isadora Duncan, My Life: A Paper Doll 2000
Holtzman, Howard The Howard Holtzman Documentation of Isadora Duncan 1990
Hubel, Alice Isadora Duncan: une vie un roman 1994
Isadora, Rachel Isadora Dances 1998
Jones, Sabrina
Buhle, Paul [Ed.]
Isadora Duncan: A Graphic Biography <New> 2008
Kasatkina, T. S.
Surits, E. IA
Aisedora: Gastroli v Rossii 1992
Keating, Susan,
Forestier, Isabellle
Isadora Duncan (Great Names) 2002
Kendall, Elizabeth Where She Danced: American Dancing, 1880-1930/ The Birth of American Art-Dance 1979
Kennel, Sarah Alexandra Bodies, statues, and machines: Dance and the visual arts in France, 1900--1925 (Isadora Duncan, Emile-Antoine Bourdelle, Vaslav Nijinsky, Fernand Leger) 2003
Kozodoy, Ruth, Twombly, Robert Isadora Duncan (American Women of Achievement) 1987
Krich, Aron Isadora in Venice, 1925 1977
Kurth, Peter Isadora: A Sensational Life 2001
LaMothe, Kimerer Nietzsche's Dancers: Isadora Duncan, Martha Graham, And the Revaluation of Christian Values 2006
Lever, Maurice Isadora 1986
Lever, Maurice Isadora Duncan Roman d'une vie 1987
Lever, Maurice Primavera. Tanz und Leben der Isadora Duncan 1988
Levien, Julia Duncan Dance: A Guide for Young People Ages Six to Sixteen 1994
Levien, Julia "Images" Drawn from the Dances of Isadora Duncan, 1877-1927 1997
Lichtman, Nancy Rae Isadora Duncan 1977
Loewenthal, Lillian The Search for Isadora: The Legend & Legacy of Isadora Duncan 1993
Lynn Roseman, Janet Dance Was Her Religion: The Spiritual Choreography of Isadora Duncan, Ruth St. Denis and Martha Graham 2004
Magriel, Paul [Ed.] Isadora Duncan 1947
Magriel, Paul [Ed.] Nijinsky, Pavlova, Duncan: Three Lives in Dance (The Lyric stage) / Isadora Duncan 1977
Mantini, ADA Isadora Duncan Para Jovenes Principiantes 2001
Martin, John Joseph Isadora Duncan and Basic Dance: Project for a Textbook (Dance Index January, 1942. Vol. 1) 1942
McVay, Gordon Isadora & Esenin 1980
Mitchell, Margaretta K Dance for life : Isadora Duncan and Her California Dance Legacy at the Temple of Wings : Twelve Photogravures & An Introduction 1985
Molina, Natacha Grandes Personajes: Isadora Duncan 1991
Morris, Lloyd R. Postscript to Yesterday; America: the Last 50 Years 1947
Nahumck, Nadia Chilkovsky,
Nahumck, Nicholas
Isadora Duncan: The Dances Choreographed in Labanotation 1994
Niehaus, Max Isadora Duncan: Leben, Werk, Wirkung 1981
Niehaus, Max Isadora Duncan. Triumph und Tragik Einer Legendaren Tanzerin 1989
O'Connor, Barbara Barefoot Dancer: The Story of Isadora Duncan (Trailblazers Biographies) 1994
Palescandolo, Frank J The Tragic Dancer and the Tragic Muse: Isadora (Duncan) and Eleonora (Duse) : A Play in One Act and Two Scenes 2002
Pruett, Diane Milhan A Study of the Relationship of Isadora Duncan to the Musicak Composers and Mentors who Influenced Her Musical Selections for Choreography 1978
Rather, Clif and Lois Lovely Isadora 1976
Richmond, Patricia Margaret Gender and the forms of Modernism: Dancers and Painters (Isadora Duncan, Loie Fuller, Martha Graham) 2003
Rodriguez, Armonia "Mi" Isadora Duncan 1977
Rodriguez, Berta Isadora Duncan (Mujeres En La Historia Series) 2007
Roseman, Janet Lynn With Spirit in Mind: Reflections on the Spiritual Choreography of Isadora Duncan, Ruth St. Denis and Martha Graham 2001
Savinio, Alberto Isadora Duncan: (The Sign of Man) 1979
Sandomir, Larry Isadora Duncan (American Troublemakers / Revolutionary Dancer) 1994
Schmidt, Jochen Ich Sehe Amerika Tanzen: Isadora Duncan 2001
Schmidt, Jochen Isadora Duncan 2001
Seldes, George What Love Meant to Isadora Duncan 1930
Splatt, Cynthia Isadora Duncan & Gordon Craig: The Prose and Poetry of Action 1988
Stern, Carola Isadora Duncan und Sergej Jessenin. Der Dichter und die Taenzerin 1996
Stüdemann, Natalia Dionysos in Sparta. Isadora Duncan in Russland. Eine Geschichte von Tanz und Körper <New> 2008
Terry, Walter Isadora Duncan: Her Life, Her Art, Her Legacy 1963
Terry, Walter The Legacy of Isadora Duncan and Ruth St. Denis (Dance Perspectives 5) 1960
Thorpe, Edward Creating a Ballet: MacMillan's Isadora 1981
Tierney, Tom Modern Dance: Paper Dolls 1983
Unknown Isadora Duncan: Muse of Modernism: July 1-September 6, 1998 1998
Unknown Isadora Duncan, Pina Bausch. Danza dell'anima, liberazione del corpo. Catalogo della mostra 2006
Viana, Carlos Isadora Duncan ?
Vincent, Melody Renee The Influences of Isadora Duncan on the Career of Edward Gordon Craig 1991
Wagenknecht, Edward Seven Daughters of the Theater: Jenny Lind, Sarah Bernhardt, Ellen Terry, Julia Marlowe, Isadora Duncan, Mary Garden, Marilyn Monroe 1964
Wanshel, Jeff Isadora Duncan Sleeps with the Russian Navy 1977
Weiss, David The Spirit and the Flesh;: A Novel Inspired by the Life of Isadora Duncan 1959
Wood, Ean Isadora Duncan 2003
Wood, Ean Headlong Through Life: The Story of Isadora Duncan 2006
Wijdeveld, H.Th. The Dance of Life. Dedicated to the Spirit of that Great Dancer of the Pacific Coast, the Earthly and Divine Isadora Duncan 1948 (Excerpts) Click Here to Find Books about Isadora Duncan at
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