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Books by Isadora
This Page Last Modified on Jan. 3, 2007

Aisedora Dunkan
Duncan, Isadora, Schneider, Ilya Ilyich, Snezhko, S.P.

Publisher: Muza (January 1994)
Unknown Binding: 349 pages
ISBN: 5770758082
Language: Russian?
Aisedora Dunkan at AbeBooks
Der Tanz der Zukunft (The Dance of the Future) 1903
Duncan, Isadora

Publisher: Eugen Diederichs (1903)
Paperback: 46 pages
List Price: US$
: B0006ADZYC
Language: German and English

The Dance of the Future 1908
Duncan, Isadora

Publisher: Bowles-Goldsmith Co(1908)
Unknown Binding: 28 pages
ISBN: B00089BF34

The Dance 1909
Duncan, Isadora

Publisher: The Forest Press (1909)
Unknown Binding
US Edition

Der Tanz der Zukunft 1929
Duncan, Isadora

Publisher: Eugen Diederichs Verlag in Jena (1929)
Paperback: 45 pages
Language: German and English

An Isadora's lecture note, written in 1902 or 1903. Isadora said, "The dance of the future will have to become again a high religious art as it was with the Greeks. For art which is not religious is not art, is mere merchandise. The dancer of the future will be one whose body and soul have grown so harmoniously together that the natural language of that soul will have become the movement of the body. The dancer will not belong to a nation but to all humanity ("The Dance of the Future" The Art of the Dance 62p)." in Berlin.

Cf. The Art of the Dance includes this article.
Quotation from
The Quotations from The Dance of The Future
Der Tanz der Zukunft at AbeBooks
Der Tanz der Zukunft at Alibris - Books You Thought You'd Never Find

The Dance at AbeBooks
The Dance at Alibris - Books You Thought You'd Never Find
Ecrits Sur La Danse 1927
Duncan, Isadora

Publisher: Editions Du Grenier (Dec. 30, 1927)
Unknown Binding: 86 pages
Language: French

Table of Contents
Sur La Danse / Terpsichore / La Danse Et La Nature / Ce Que Doit Etre La Danse / Ce Que Devrait Etre La Danse / La Danse: Chceur De La Tragedie / L'Ecole De Danse / La Bacchanle De Tannhauser / Une Viste De Rodin / Penses Diverses / Principales OEuvres Musicales Sur Lesquelles Isadora Dansa / Notes

795 copies were published
Ecrits Sur La Danse at AbeBooks
Ecrits sur la Danse at Alibris - Books You Thought You'd Never Find
El Arte De La Danza Y Otros Escritos (Fuentes De Arte) 2006
Duncan, Isadora

Publisher: Akal Ediciones Sa (August 22, 2006)
Paperback: 194 pages
Language: Spanish
List Price US$50.95
ISBN: 8446015609
El Arte De La Danza Y Otros Escritos at AbeBooks

El Arte De La Danza Y Otros Escritos at BAMM.COM
La Danse par Isadora Duncan 1916
Duncan, Isadora

Language: French

Texts by Duncan, Rodin, Fauchois, Carriere and Lavedan.

La Danse 1927
Duncan, Isadora

Publisher: Akademia Raymond Duncan
Unknown Binding: 28 pages
Language: French

Table of Contents
La Danse / La Gymnastique et La Danse / L'ecole de Danse / L'ondulation Dans L'univers / La Pierre Philosphale de La Danse

500 copies were published.
La Danse at AbeBooks
La Danse de l'avenir (c) Complexe 2003La Danse de l'avenir 2003
Duncan, Isadora, Faure, Elie, Levinson, Andre, et al. Schoonejans, Sonia [Ed]

Publisher: Complexe
Paperback: 157 pages
List Price: EUR: 19.90
ISBN: 2870279434
Language: French

Table of Contents
Presentation par Sonia Schoonejans / Preface par Yannick Ripa
La Danse De L'Avenir Ecrits sur la Dance De La Danse des Grecs A la Danse De L'Avenir: La Grande Source (1916)/ La Danse des Grecs (1912)/Terpsichore (1909)/ La Danse de L'Avenir (1903)/ Le Danseur et La Nature (1905)/ La Profondeur (1921)/ Le Mouvement est Synonyme de Vie (1909)/ Danse, Religion et Amour (1927)/ Richard Wagner (sans date)
Danser Avec la Revolution: Impressions de Moscou / Letre Ouverte A Un Journal Anglais / Lettre A Un(e) Inconnu(e) /Lettre de Russie A Son Frere Augustin Duncan / Reflexions Apres Moscou (1927)/ Rencontre Avec Le Camarade Podvoisky (1921)/ L'Amerique Me Rend Malade (1923)/ La Liberte de La Femme (1922)/
Libres Enfants de La Danse: LaJeunesse et La Danse (1914)/ La Beaute et L'exercice (1914)/ L'education et La Danse (1921)
Regards sur Isadora Duncan: D'Isadora et de La Danse par Elie Faure (1934)/ Isadora Duncan par Colette/ Isadora Duncan par Andre Levinson (1929)
Annexes: Principales Oeuvres Musicales sur Isequelles Isadora Duncan a Danse / Chronologie

La Danse de l'avenir at AbeBooks
La Danse de l'avenir at Alibris - Books You Thought You'd Never Find

La Danse de l'avenir at
Le Beau Reve d' Isadora Duncan. - La Danse Russe a Paris. 1909
Duncan, Isadora

Unknown Binding: 6 pages, 2 photos
Language: French
Le Beau Reve d'Isadora Duncan at AbeBooks
Le Beau Reve d'Isadora Duncan at Alibris - Books You Thought You'd Never Find
Mein Leben, Meine Zeit 1985
Duncan, Isadora,

Publisher: Pabel/ Moewig, Rastatt
ISBN: 38118411106
: German
Mein Leben Meine Zeit at AbeBooks
Memoiren 1928
Duncan, Isadora,

Publisher: Amalthea-Verlag (1928)

Publisher: Amalthea-Verlag (1969)

Publiser: Ullstein TB-Vlg (1988)
ISBN: 3548302130
Language: German
Memoiren at AbeBooks
My Life/ My Life-Isadora Duncan / Isadora / Isadora Duncan / Isadora: The Autobiography of Isadora Duncan 1927
Duncan, Isadora

Presentation Edition (1927)
Publisher: Boni and Liveright.
650 copies were printed, but none of them were offered for sale.
Each copy has a print number.
The Presentation Edition of My Life at AbeBooks

Publisher: Boni and Liveright (1927)
List Price: US$
ISBN: B0006AK7P2
The First edition of My Life at AbeBooks

My Life: (C) Garden City Publishing Company 1932Publisher: Garden City Publishing Company/Star Book(1927)
Hardcover: 359 pages
List Price: US$
including other titles: Mademoiselle Dupin and Cleopatra

Publisher: Reprint Services Corporation (January, 1927)
Library Binding: 376pages
List Price: US$79.00
: 0781281156

Publisher: Victor Gollancz, London (1928)
Hardcover: 376 pages
First British Edition
Texts are slightly differ from the US edition.
The First British Edition at AbeBooks

Publisher: Horace Liveright Inc. (1929)
List Price: US$
ISBN: 1135197334

Publisher: Boni & Liveright
List Price: US$
ISBN: 1111498024

Publisher: Liveright Publishing Corporation (April 1, 1955)
Hardcover: 359pages
List price: US$125.00
: 0871409429

Publisher: Award Books (1955)
: 319 pages
List Price: US$
Award Books has published "My Life" as "Isadora," "Isadora Duncan," or "Isadora: The Autobiography of Isadora Duncan"

Publisher: Liveright Publishing Corporation (October 1, 1972)
Paperback: 359 pages
List Price: US$125.00
ISBN: 0871402742
Illustrated with photographs from the original edition

Publisher: Harpercollins (January 1977)
Paperback: 359 pages
List Price: US$
ISBN: 0871400812

Publisher: Abacus (June 29, 1989)
Paperback: 256 pages
List price: US$
ISBN: 0747403775

Publisher: Liveright Publishing Corporation; Reissue edition (February 1, 1996)
Paperback: 255 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.62 x 8.25 x 5.54
List Price:
Look Inside!

Gollancz / Trafalgar Square (March 7, 1996)
256 pages
List Price:

Publisher: F A Thorpe (November 1, 1997)
List Price: US$
ISBN: 0708938442

Publisher: Liveright Books
Paperback (December 31, 1998)
List Price: US$
ISBN: 0871407523

My Life: (C) Kessinger Publishing 2003Publisher: Kessinger Publishing (March 1, 2003)
Paperback: 372 pages
List Price: US$33.95
ISBN: 0766143384

Publisher Comments: An account of her life in her own words, Isadora Duncan's life is one containing the most illustrative content and value. She thought the story of her life was "fitted for the pen of a Cervantes, or Casanova." She made the purest attempt at the life of adventure. She states her art as a dancer is just an effort to express the truth of her Being in gesture and movement.

An autobiography of Isadora Duncan. She finished writing her memoir some months before her tragic death on Sep. 14, 1927. This book covers Isadora's life events up to 1921, just prior to the period to open a dance school in Moscow. First published in 1927. & et al. / / American Library Association / Barnes & / W.W. Norton & Company /

French: Ma Vie
Ma Vie at AbeBooks
Spanish: Mi Vida
Mi Vida at AbeBooks
Italian: La Mia Vita
La Mia Vita at AbeBooks
Japanese: Isadora Duncan Jijyoden/ Waga Shougai/ Tanashii no Moyurumamani -Isadora Duncan Jijyoden-
Estonian: Minu elu ISBN: 9985652916
Portuguese: Minha Vida ISBN: 8503000393
Russian : Moia Zhizn 1997
Duncan, Isadora, Schneider, Ilya Ilyich.

Publisher: Profizdat
Unknown Binding: 427 pages
List Price:
ISBN: 5255013080
Moia Zhizn at AbeBooksMoia Zhizn at Alibris - Books You Thought You'd Never Find

My Life: (C) Award Books 1966 My Life: (C) Gollancz 1996 Ma Vie (C)GallimardMa Vie (C)GallimardTamashii no moyurumamani (C)Fuzambo-intl
Cf. Inside Search!: Very usuful webpage to find phrases in My Life
Quotations from
The Quotations from My Life
My Life at AbeBooks
My Life at Alibris - Books You Thought You'd Never Find

My Life at
My Life at

My Life at BAMM.COM
Isadora Danse Revolution (C) Editions du RocherIsadora Danse La Revolution 2002
Duncan, Isadora, Rosemont, Franklin [Ed.]

Publisher: Editions du Rocher (September 15, 2002)
Paperback: 148 pages
List Price:
ISBN: 2268043517
Language: French

Table of Contents
Souvenirs d'enfance: Nee en Amerique / Enfance a San Francisco / Continuellement entouree de flammes
Une danse nouvelle, Une education nouvelle, Une femme nouvelle: J'ai un dessein / La secrete beaute de son geste / Comment je concois la danse / Le but de mon ecole / La musique et la danse / Que reste-t-il?@/ La danse et son inspiration / Parler la langue de l'humanite entiere / La liberte de la femme / Breves declarations
La Russie revolutionnaire: J'irai en Russie / Je ne veux pas entendre parler d'argent / Un grand pas en avant / Notre premiere nuit a Moscou / L'esprit de la Russie / Un commissaire / Rencontre avec le camarade Podvoiski / 1er Mai / Notes sur Scriabine / Venez les enfants, dansons! / Danser au stade Rouge / Quelques breves declarations
La vie avec Essenine: Dernieres volontes / Nous saluons le peuple americain / J'en appelle a la loi / La verite sur cette affaire / Mensonges / Sur le suicide d'Essenine / Encore de Breves declarations
L'amour et la vie: Poeme / Declaration a la presse / Pressentiments / Appel de fonds pour l'aide aux enfants des artistes francais / Amour et ideaux / Quelques breves declarations
Adieu l'Amerique: L'Amerique m'ecoeure / Breves declarations

Isadora Danse La Revolution at AbeBooksIsadora Danse La Revolution at Alibris - Books You Thought You'd Never Find

Isadora Danse La Revolution at
Isadora Duncan et Elisabeth Duncan Ecole Pour La Danse 1928
Duncan, Isadora, Duncan, Elisabeth
Language: French

The interviews of Isadora and her sister Elisabeth Duncan.
Isadora Duncan et Elisabeth Duncan Ecole Pour La Danse at Abebooks
Isadora Duncan et Elisabeth Duncan Ecole Pour La Danse at Alibris - Books You Thought You'd Never Find
Isadora Speaks: Uncollected Writings and Speeches of Isadora Duncan 1981
Duncan, Isadora, Rosemont, Franklin [Ed.]

Publisher: City Lights Books (Jan, 1981)
Hardcover: 132 pages
List Price: US$5.95
ISBN: 0872861341

Publisher: Consortium Book Sales & Dist; (Dec, 1981)
Paperback: 147 pages
List Price: US$5.95
ISBN: 0872861333

Isadora Speaks: Uncollected Writings & Speeches of Idadora DuncanIsadora Speaks: Writings & Speeches of Isadora Duncan 1994

Publisher: Charles H Kerr Pub Co; (November 1, 1994)
Paperback: Dimensions (in inches): 8.50 x 0.50 x 5.50
List Price: US$12.00
ISBN: 0882862278

Table of Contents
Introduction: Isadora Forever! by Franklin Rosemont / Acknowledgments
Reminiscences of Childhood: I was born in America / Childhood in San Francisco / Continually Surrounded by Flames
New Dance, New Education, New Woman: I have a Will of My Own: Speech to the Berlin Press Club / The Secret Beauty of Her Movement: Letter to the Berlin Morgen Post / My Idea of Dancing / The Purpose of My School / Music and Dance / What is There Left? Speech at the Century Opera House / The Dance and Its Inspiration / To Speak the Language of Humanity / The Freedom of Woman / Short Statements
Revolutionary Russia: I will Go to Russia / I Shall Never Hear of Money: Letter to A.V. Lunacharsky / A Great Step Forward: Article in L'Humanit'e / Our First Night in Moscow / The Spirit of Russia: Interview in Soviet Russia / A Commissar / A Meeting with Comrade Podvoisky / May day / Notes on Scriabin / Come Children, Let's Dance: Speech at the Kamerny Theater / Dancing in the Red Stadium / Short Statements
Life with Esenin: Last Will / Greetings to the American People / I Appeal: Letter to the New York Herald / The Truth of the Case: Letter to the Chicago Tribune / Lies: Letter to the Journal L'Eclair / On Esenin's Suicide: Telegram to the Press / Short Statements
Love and Life: A Poem / Stetement to the Press / Presentiments / Appeal for Funds for Artists' Relief / Love and Ideals / Short Statements
Goobye, America! America makes Me Sick! / Short Statements
A Note on Sources / Selected Bibliography / Index

Franklin Rosemont assembles Isadora's uncollected writings and speeches.

Cf. Inside Search! Very usuful webpage to find phrases in Isadora Speaks
Isadora Speaks at AbeBooks
Isadora Speaks at Alibris - Books You Thought You'd Never Find

Isadora Speaks at
Isadora Speaks at
46% off Bestsellers at BAMM.COM
The Art of the Dance 1928
Duncan, Isadora, Cheney, Sheldon W. [Ed.]

Publisher: Theatre Arts, Inc./ Helen Hacket, Inc. (1928)
Hardcover: 147pages
List Price: US$

The Art of the Dance (C)Theatre Arts, 1977Publisher: Theatre Arts Books (June 1, 1970)
Hardcover: 147pages
List Price: US$177.00
ISBN: 0878300058

Publisher: Theatre Arts Books (1977)
Paperback: 147 pages
This front cover was drawn by Leon Bakst in 1908.

Table of Contents
Introduction by Sheldon Cheney /
Forewords: Isadora's Last Dance by Raymond Duncan / Isadora by Margherita Duncan / Isadora-My Friend by Mary Fanton Roberts / Isadora Duncan, Artist by Shaemas O'Sheel / Isadora Duncan is Dead by Max Eastman / Isadora-Remembered by Eva LeGalllienne / Isadora Duncan by Robert Edmond Jones
The Art of the Dance: I See America Dancing / The Philosopher's Stone of Dancing / The Dance of the Future / The Parthenon / The Dancer and Nature / What Dancing Should Be / A Child Dancing / Movement is Life / Beauty and Exercise / The Dance in Relation to Tragedy / The Greek Theatre / Education and the Dance / Terpsichore / The Dance of the Greeks / Youth and the Dance / Depth / The Great Source / Richard Wagner / A Letter to the Pupils / Moscow Impressions / Reflections After Moscow /Dancing in Relation to Religion and Love / Fragments and Thoughts
L'Envoi / Editor's notes

This book consists of Isadora's essays, notes, drawings by Leon Bakst, Antoine Bourdelle, Jose Clara, Maurice denis, Grandjouan, August Von Kaulbach, Van Deering Perrine, Auguste Rodin, Dunoyer De Segonzac and Abraham Walkowitz, photography by Arnold Genthe and Edward Steichen and Isadora's family and friends' memories.
Raymond Duncan says, "Not a dancer was Isadora, but a prophet speaking the unique world language, voicing a beauty not only immense and sublime, but within the reach of and understood by the mass. Her art is the smile of the gods which at moments descends into our hearts, and her life is a reflection of the calvary of the world, in the mad crush of its misery (P13)."

French: Lettere Dalla Danza
Japanese: Isadora Duncan Geijyutsu to Kaisou
Spanish: El Arte de La Danza y Escritos ISBN: 8446015609

Cf. 23 books cite this book.
Quotations from
The Quotations from The Art of The Dance
The Art of the Dance at AbeBooksThe Art of the Dance at Alibris - Books You Thought You'd Never Find

The Director 1976
Duncan, Isadora, Gilbert, Melvin Ballou [Ed.]

Publisher: Princeton Book Company Publishers (July 1, 1976)
Hardcover: 305 pages
List Price: 14.95
ISBN: 087127065X

This book is the reprint of the first American dance magazine The Director, published from Dec. 1897 to Nov. 1898. The March issue includes Isadora's interview, "Emotional Expression," and the October-November issue includes her article "A Lecture on the Philosophy of the Dance."
The Director at AbeBooks
The Director at Alibris - Books You Thought You'd Never Find
"Your Isadora": The Love Story of Isadora Duncan & Gordon Craig 1974
Duncan, Isadora, Craig, Edward Gordon, Steegmuller, Francis[Ed.]

Publisher: Pub Center Cultural Resources (April 1, 1974)
Hardcover: 399 pages
List Price: US$15.00
ISBN: 0394486986

Publisher: Vintage Books; (1976)
Unknown Binding: 399 pages
List Price: US$
ISBN: 0394720784

Table of Contents
Editor's Foreword / 1.Two Artists / 2. Appointments in Berlin: Book Topsy / 3. St. Petersburg 4. The Year 1905 / 5. Pregnancy and Birth: Villa Maria / 6. Duse, Florence, Neuralgia / 7. "Click Goes the Apparatus" / 8. Isadora, Craig and Stanislavski / 9. The Death of the Children / 10. The Last Letters / Isadora Duncan: A BBC Radio Talk by Gordon Craig / Bibliography and Acknowledgments / Notes

This book is based on letters between Isadora Duncan and her lover a British Edward Gordon Craig, an actor and set designer and the son of the actress Ellen Terry and the architect Edward William Godwin. When they first met each other in Berlin in 1904, Isadora was 26 years old, and Craig was 32 years old.

Japanese: Anatano Isadora -Ai no Tegami-

Cf.Donald Oenslager Collection of Edward Gordon Craig
Your Isadora at AbeBooks
Your Isadora at Alibris - Books You Thought You'd Never Find (Excerpts)/ Google Book Search (Excerpts)

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