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Canada (Excerpts)
Isadora Duncan Gallery, dance OREMUS danse, Ontario


Conseil International De La Danse (CID), Paris
Type "Isadora Duncan"to find the directory of Duncan Dancers
Musee Bourdelle, Paris
Musee Rodin (about Isadora Duncan), Paris, Paris
The Virtural Tour of Pere-Lachaise where Isadora is Buried

Isadora Duncan Archiv, Deutsches Tanzarchiv Koln

Dora Stratou Dance Theater, Athens
Prof. Dr. Alkis C. Raftis, President of the Dora Stratou Dance Theater, has carried out extensive historical research on Isadora Duncan. He authored the album "Isadora Duncan and the artists" and put together the most complete library and archive on Isadora at the theater.

Duncan World
Isadora Duncan Museum, St.-Petersburg <New>
Virtual Museum Of Isadora Duncan

Anna Duncan Archives, "In the Footsteps of Isadora-Anna Duncan"Dansmuseet/Dance Museum, Stockholm
At the time of Anna's death, Kathleen Quinlan inherited her memorabilia and has put together an exhibition and catalog at the museum.

USA Inside Search! Very usuful webpages to find phrases in My Life, Isadora Speaks and Isadora: A Sensational Life
Arnold Genthe Collection: Isadora Duncan Dancers. & Isadora Duncan Dancers.- Performances., The Library of Congress
Craig (Edward Gordon) Papers Relating to Isadora Duncan, 1905-c.1952 / Craig-Duncan Collection, New York Public Library, NY
Craig, Edward Gordon Collection, 1901-1943 & Other Collection, Harry Ransom Humanites Research Center at the University of Texas at Austin, TX
Donald Oenslager Collection of Edward Gordon Craig, Yale University, CT
Duncan (Isadora) Dance Programs and Ephemera, Howard Holtzman Collection (bought in April 2006), the Library of University of California, Irvine, CA
Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco (the works of Emile-Antoine Bourdelle, Josef Paget Fredericks, Abraham Walkowitz, Laure Hayman, and Alfred Philippe Roll), San Francisco, CA
Google Book Search (Excerpts), CA
Google News
Google News Archives, including the articles of New York Times, Washington Post, Miami Herald, San Jose Mercury News, Time Magazine, etc.
Guide to the Roslavleva, Natalia, pseud, comp. Isadora Duncan: reviews and materials relating primarily to her performances in St. Petersburg and Moscow, 1904-05, New York Public Library, NY
HighBeam Research, Inc. IL
Isadora Duncan Collection of Irma Duncan / Duncan (Irma) Collection of Isadora Duncan Materials / Duncan (Irma) Music Scores / Duncan (Irma) Papers, 1905-1977, / Zahn (Anita) professional and personal papers, c. 1920-1991, New York Public Library, NY
Isadora Duncan Dance Library, The Center For Sutton Movement Writing, Inc. CA
Looksmart Find Articles, LookSmart, Ltd.
MacDougall (Allan Ross) Collection, 1922-1956, New York Public Library, NY
Mary Desti Collection on Isadora Duncan, 1901-1930, the Library of University of California, Irvine, CA
New York Times, Articles: 1851-1980, Articles: 1981-Present
Online Archive of California, CA
NYPL Digital Gallery 1, 2, NY
Roslavleva, Natalia, pseud, comp. Isadora Duncan: reviews and materials relating primarily to her performances in St. Petersburg and Moscow, 1904-05., New York Public Library, NY
Smithsonian Archives of American Art (Oral History Iinterview with Abraham Walkowitz, with Paul D. Magriel, etc.) Archives, The Washington Post Company.

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